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 **** Forum Rules **** 
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Post **** Forum Rules ****
No strict rules here but the main ideas are:

1. post count doesn't mean shit, so don't worry about it.

2. do not SPAM cause it gets on my penis and then I will be forced to molest your ass.

3. respect other members and they will respect you.

4. try to be more perverted than me :cheer:

5. don't make posts just to advertise crap - considered spam and thus ass rape.

6. please post :lol:

7. if you feel that someone in the forum is not nice to you, PM me about what's bothering you and we will sort things out, don't make crappy new topics just so you can say someone is a faggot

8. Do not use L33T language cause then you prove how retarded you are. It also proves (if you use it) that you're a:
- ass probed molested boy
- dickweed
- Ben Affleck's lover

So don't use L33T language or otherwise everyone here will rape you rectal hole and cut off the genitals.

9. enjoy the forum and have fun, goal is to make everyone feel happy and satisfied :!



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10. This is a emule p2p forum so our main goal is to post emule links. If you are gonna post torrents you MUST post in the torrent section. Direct download links have a seperate thread in the toilet.

11. When you post a emule link to a movie it also must include spesifications, if you haven't got any spesifications. then please post in the Unverified Bad Movie Downloads.

12. Try to include as much information about the emule link you can before you post... cover, imdb link, plot & spesifications. If you find some extra information like a review or something else that is related you can include that also.

13. When you go hunting for emule links for this forum, always check IMDb rating. We here at the So Bad its Good try to keep the bad theme and movies above 05/10 should not be posted (only exception here is AFR releases of good movies -> Misc/Other), the lesser rating the better. You should also keep in mind that some bad movies get high ratings, so if you get confused and are not sure. just pm the admin or a moderator.

14. If you use screens that are tagged, these will be (eventually) removed. we at SBiG prefer clean screens and believe using this as advertising dont benefit the p2p scene, its only annoying.

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