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 Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) 
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Post Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)
Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)



IMDb Link:
Director: Steve Carver
Release Date: 15 April (1983) (USA)
Genre: Action | Drama
Country: USA

Cast: Chuck Norris | David Carradine | Barbara Carrera

Chuck Norris is Lone Wolf McQuade. David Carradine is the man that got in his way. | When Norris meets Carradine all hell breaks loose! | ...

Plot Summary:
The archetypical renegade Texas Ranger wages war against a drug kingpin with automatic weapons, his...


Author: flyingsheepcannon @ Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:21 pm

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Walker, Texas Ranger the movie!
Not really, but it has a lot of similar characteristics.
  • Chuck Norris plays a Texas Ranger out for the good of the People
  • A Chuck wanna be side kick
  • The Finishing move: Round house kick to the face

The movie starts out with an overflow of awesome.

We see this 280 pound mexican that looks like hes going to pop twins out at any moment with his floppy boobs riding around on a horse stealing ..... more horses.
Then we see our hero, The Norris.
He's up top firing mind bullets at the dirty mexican'ts making sure they shit their pants just before he blows their ass away.


Just before he pulls out his high powered sniper rifle, he sees the dumb ass sheriff patrol rolling down the hill. (Because in this movie, Chuck Norris, aka. Lone Wolf McQuade is the only intelligent law enforcer in the entire movie.) After the time it takes for Chuck to give a big sigh of disappoint at the Colossal pile of morons with badges, their caught and disarmed by the mexicans.
Mr. Norris doesn't joke around so he loads his rifle up with some Chuck Tipped Bullets.

They looked exactly like this.

Everything they hit exploded, twice.

Needless to say, McQuade Freed all the horses, retarded rangers, and managed to completely slay all the bad horse stealin' thieves.

After all the non-kung fu enemies get dominated the real villains of the story show up.

And this is pretty much their reaction.


Imagine having 47 tons of awesome powered roundhouse kicks to the face for 105 minutes, then you'll get "Lone Wolf McQuade"


Dakota: How would you like to bite that in the butt, develop lockjaw, and be dragged to death?

Rawley Wilkes: I understand you're very good with your hands and feet.

Rawley Wilkes: Welcome to my hacienda, Mr. McQuade. How nice of you to pay a social visit.

Rawley Wilkes: The boys are just having a little fun.
J.J. McQuade: You wanna join the fun?



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